Which Pinterest stats should I include in my media kit?


A media kit setting out who you are (as well as your blog and social media stats!) is essential for any blogger or influencer looking to work with brands. Everyone knows you need to include your unique visitors as well as your page views, your average Facebook post impression stats as well as your overall 'Like' numbers. 

But how do you know what you should be including with regards to Pinterest? Now repin counts are no longer displayed on each pin (unless you've not updated your app in a while!) you really need to get to know your Pinterest Analytics (make sure you have business account switched on!) and to keep an eye on the following numbers:


People You Reach

Your reach is measured in two handy metrics, your average monthly viewers and your average monthly engagement. Try and use your most recent figures when working with brands, and make sure you share both. Engagement is what is usually the most important to brands, but your monthly viewer numbers will be a lot higher, and will show brands their potential reach with the right campaign! 


Control Your Case Studies

I love using case studies in my media kit to give brands an idea of what a collaboration may look like. This is where the section that shows you the activity on pins created from your own website. While these stats include all pins anyone has created from your site, you can create your own pins where you're able to view both the stats on the pin, and traffic numbers from the other side from your own site analytics. These numbers are great for identifying and creating case studies.


Inform Sponsored Content

Part of creating a killer campaign on any platform is creating content people will want to share. By looking at what sort of images get pinned from your blog/ website the most, you'll be able to figure out a winning formula for brand collaborations in the future! 


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